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Parents/Carers of applicants who have not been offered a place at the school may ask for the applicant's name to be placed on the waiting list.  The waiting list will be operated using the Admissions Policy.  Waiting Lists can change; If an applicant moves into the area their name will be added to the waiting list according to the Admissions Policy.

  • Placing an applicant's name on the waiting list does not guarantee that a place will become available.

  • If you wish them to remain on the waiting list, you must inform the Admissions Officer in writing or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • If we are informed by our local authority that your daughter has been offered a higher preference school, we will remove your daughter from the waiting list.

  • If you wish your daughter to be re-added, please contact your local authority to inform them as well as the Admissions Officer.

  • A new waiting list commences each September.  Any parent whose child is on the waiting list should contact the Admissions Officer each term to confirm if they require their child's name to remain on the list.

  • If you have requested your daughter to remain on our waiting list and have not been offered a higher preference you are able to track her position by using her applicant number. Please note: this facility is only available from April until the beginning of the Autumn term in September.  If you cannot see your daughter's applicant number below during these months, please e-mail the Admissions Officer.













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