On Tuesday 14th March, Caroline Sergent from 'First Give' came to Ursuline High School to launch the 2017 First Give Philanthropy Project to Year 8 students.

First Give work in partnership with secondary schools to help young people to give their time, tenacity and talents to improve their local communities.

Their vision is to help build a new generation of motivated and switched-on young people who want to use their skills to support local charities and make the lives of others in and around their communities better.

Based on this vision, representatives from the charities Shooting Stars, For Jimmy, Merton Foodbank, STEM4, Refugee Youth, Spear London and Merton Alzheimer's Society kindly gave up their to come and give presentations to our students, regarding the much needed work they do and how they help.

Each Year 8 tutor group has researched local social issues and decided on the social issue they want to work to tackle and the charity that is doing the most to help local people.

Students will be working on this project in their R.E lessons, aiming to put together an effective presentation, to be delivered at the final on the 12th May to try and win the £1000 for their charity.

We wish them all lots of luck in doing so!


For more information on First Give and their work please visit: