As year 8 approach the deadline for choosing their GCSE options they had a wonderful and insightful session with 5 inspirational speakers talking to them about their career journeys, the relevance of  what they learned at school to their jobs now and the skills and qualities valued in the workplace today. 

Enormous thanks for our guests for taking the time out of their busy schedules and sharing their knowledge

  • Francesca Ludwinski – Previous Deputy Head Girl here at UHS and now at King’s College London, BHF Centre of Research
  • Isabel Podda – Chief Operating Officer at Infinite Global (Public Relations, Communications and Design)
  • Matthew McGuiness - Art Director  from Infinite Global
  • Denise McAdam – Celebrity hairstylist, entrepreneur and royal hairdresser
  • Claire Thorogood – Co-founder and Partner in Causeway Law

Students learnt how important critical thinking, communication, organisation, flexibility  and team working are in the workplace. With the final advice summing up the session reminding them to work hard, be the best that you can be, don’t give up and remember your career is a journey and the road you are travelling on is often under construction!

Thank you again to all our speakers.