On Friday 23rd June students from Years 7-9 participated in a Mufti Day in order to raise money for the Grenfell fire victims (with Year 10 having theirs on 30th June- as part of their Sixth Form Tater Day activities). As you can imagine students were eager to donate £1 to the cause with the added bonus of being able to wear their 'own clothes' for the day.

Staff also took part in the fundraising activities by taking part in a coffee and cake morning, with many staff kindly taking the time to bring in homemade goodies- which were delicious!

Since the event, we are pleased to announce that the coffee and cake morning raised just over £290 for the Grenfell fire victims, and the Mufti day a further £610, – a massive thank you to all of you who baked, served and generously supported us!