On 9th November Year 11 attended a Retreat Day at Sacred Heart Church on ‘Discernment’. Giving them the opportunity to think about their futures and how they could live out their faith through the choices they make.

Our day started with dramatised morning prayer, which looked at the disciples lives and how Jesus chose them even though they weren’t perfect. This set the scene for our day, as it explained hoe Jesus has a special role for each of us to play even though we are not perfect.
We had three speakers join us to talk about their personal vocations, Sr. Dorothy Perrott, Giovanni Prandini Seminarian (training to be a Priest) and Hannah Wood from Ursuline Links. They spoke about the three main vocations; Priesthood, religious life and single life. This gave the girls an understanding of the different types of vocation.

Students then had the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and to consider how they could live out God’s plan for them. This was done in two sessions; a reflection questionnaire thinking about the ‘big questions’ in life and an art session focusing on their gifts and talents.
The following session was an affirmation session, where they could learn what other people thought there good and positive qualities were.
In the afternoon, the girls learnt about inspirational people and how they had lived out there vocations, such as Anne Frank, Rosa Parks and Malala. The girls were then put in groups and given an inspirational person to learn about and create a presentation about, they then fed these back to the whole group.

Our day ended with a service of the word, where the girls read scripture and prayer to draw our day to a close with God.