Year 7 Back To School Event - Parent Evaluation Summary

41 responses


1. Was the event worthwhile?                       

YES 41 (100%)                    NO 0                    


2. Was the event well organised?

YES 41 (100%)                    NO 0     


3. Do you feel you have a better understanding of what secondary school lessons are like as a result of this event?

YES 41 (100%)                    NO 0


4. How do you feel you have benefited from the event?

  • Good experience to a see my daughter in her lessons
  • I didn’t realise how fast paced the girls work at and the capability to switch thinking from one subject to the next almost instantly.
  • Incredibly helpful to observe strategies used to support my daughter I feel confident now to use them at home.
  • Better understanding of how the lessons are organized and the importance of having the correct equipment.
  • It reassuring to see how my daughter has settled in and interacts in the classroom.
  • Its pushed me to encourage my daughter to ask questions/give input so she gets the most out of lessons.
  • Particularly useful for me to see a subject my daughter is doing well in and one she struggles in.
  • Interesting to see the use of technology in lessons
  • Being able to understand the work ethic and methods utilised in class to make sure all children benefit.

    Any additional comments you would like to make would be very useful:

  • I understand now why my daughter needs some “chill out” time when she gets home before she starts her homework
  • Very pleased that regardless of the work set, our daughter is extremely happy here.
  • Great to see how the whiteboards enable all students to contribute to lessons
  • I am amazed at how much is covered in a 50 minutes lesson. The teachers are so well organized.
  • The girls are so impressive, quiet, hard working and work so well together.
  • Opportunity to see different lessons, can we come again!
  • Very different to my own experiences at school