Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 12 reallyembraced the festive season last week with their Christmas Fairs. A vast array of items were on sale, from biscuits, pancakes and sweets, to raffles, beauty stands and pom poms. Students in 9CATH, had been hard at work creating imaginative handmade jewellery (with help from the D&T department) in the run up to their fair, which they then sold on their stall for competitive prices.

In the true 'Christmas spirit', all proceeds from the fairs will be donated to good causes.


The total each year group raised can be found below, along with their respective charities.

Year 8

Raised £784.84.76

Which is being split between Women’s Education Partnership and Wolfson Rehab Centre – Social Therapies & REHAB – DBAH.

Year 9

Raised £1039.76

Which is being split between Women’s Education Partnership and Faith in Action Homelessness in Merton.

Year 12

Raised £320.63

Which is being split between Women’s Education Partnership  and ‘Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice’. (Hannah Burton in Y13 is supporting this charity in memory of her cousin).


A fantastic fundrasing effort, well done to all who took part!